Our company

Medicas has been offering and supplying regenerative as well as precision treatment and products to various medical centres, aesthetic clinics and also hospitals. Our CGMP lab is one of the biggest in South-East Asia with 20 years of experience in cellular therapy with various trials and publications. We are committed to excellence as we strive to provide professional and ethical service with the highest quality of products to our doctors and patients.


  • We strive to be a complete and integrated supply and service provider in regenerative medicine for wellness and various medical conditions.
  • To inspire hope and contribute to health and wellbeing by providing the best care to every patient through regenerative and precision medicine.


We strive to provide the best professional and ethical service with premium quality of products to our doctors and partners as we evolve with the regenerative medicine developments.


E - Evidence Based

We are in the healthcare line where health is of utmost importance. We strive to explain and educate our doctors based on clinical applications and evidential information within the KKM guidelines and international standards.

E - Excellence

We always believe in doing and giving our best from production to quality of our products and from operation to logistics as well as service and education to our doctors who are our clients.

E - Ethical

Doing things ethically is very crucial. We do not over-promise in terms of efficacy and results. On top of that we always adhere closely to the guidelines given by KKM.

E - Energy & Excitement

We believe in teamwork and positivity. Regenerative industry is always evolving and we work hard to provide all the evidential information that we can to ensure safety and efficacy.

Hence, teamwork allows us to always overcome challenges and embrace the changes to achieve greater heights.

E - Efficacy

We believe in being efficient in all areas of this business. Our products are of high efficacy in delivering results to patients. We always ensure quality service in terms of delivery and safety to doctors.

We analyse your needs carefully

Attending and fulfilling every client’s need is our main priority and concern.We take great attention into analysing the needs of each client carefully because to be able to deliver the desired result is always the core of our practice.

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We provide best solutions

We always strive to think out of box to provide the best advice and solution to all of our clients.Quality is always at the HEART of everything we do to assure our clients the best.

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