mySNP Derma(skin)

Skin | 10 traits using 194 genes in skin health & aging Aging Sun Sensitivity Antioxidant Deficiency Impaired Skin Barrier Sensitivity Premature Collagen Breakdown Impaired Detoxification Youthful Skin Skin Dryness Skin Glycation UV Damage Potential Sun Spots

Benefits of mySNP Derma Test

- Understanding your genetic predisposition to wrinkles, free radical, inflammation, and other skin conditions.
- Make positive changes to eliminate, reduce, or delay symptoms. Truly own a personalized skin care plan.
- Set a smart way looking for the right skin care products by knowing from the recommendations.
- Prevention of potential premature aging or skin sensitivity.
- Diet and lifestyle recommendations that help in increasing performances within the body to optimize results
- No more trial and errors
- Potential market includes skin companies, beauty spas, dermatologists, aesthetics clinics, skin clinics & ladies.