mySNP Fitness

Fitness | 15 traits using 589 genes in fitness performance

A) Athletic Performance
1. V02Max Potential
2. Endurance Potential
3. Benefits from Exercise
4. Potential for Lean Body Mass
5. Power Potential
6. Reduced Heartbeat Response to Exercise

B) Weight Management
1. Difficulty in Losing Weight
2. Aversion to Exercise
3. Obesity Potential
4. Slow Metabolism

C) Muscle Properties
1. Muscle Damage Risk
2. Muscle Recovery Impairment
3. Muscle Soreness

D) Injury Risk
1. Overall Injury Risk
2. Stress Fracture Risk


Benefits of mySNP Fitness Test

- Able to understand the body and reactions to exercise and non-exercise

- Easier to plan smart exercise sessions effectively for the different fitness goals

- Able to take advantage of potentially positive trait results and work on the potentially negative traits to achieve goals

- Prevention of potential injuries or condition further core muscles, tendons and ligaments

- Diet recommendations assists in increasing performances within the body to optimize results

- No more trial and errors

- Potential market includes fitness centres, gyms, private fitness instructors, elite athletes, sports centres, military & individuals.