mySNP Personality

Personality | 12 traits using 603 genes in personality and behaviour

1. Addictive Personality

2. Empathy

3. Exploratory Behavior

4. Mathematical Ability

5. Memory Performance

6. Morning Person

7. OCD Predisposition

8. Pleasure Response Impairment

9. Reading Ability

10. Sociability

11. Warrior Personality

12. Worrier Personality

Benefits of mySNP Personality Test

- Understanding your innate personality and behaviour helps you to be more aware of yourself and have better control over your reactions and emotions.

- Family and friends will be more understanding of your personality, thus improving relationships.

- Helps you to build on your strengths for personal and professional (career) development.

- Report is written by an expert licensed cognitive psychologist, that recommends and advises on ways you can improve yourself.

- Potential market includes Human Resources (HR), recruitment agencies, eSports and B2C channels (as the price is relatively cheaper and traits more suited for personal information)